Privacy Policy

Your files will be stored forever as long as you are a premium member. If you are a registered user without premium status, your files will be stored until at least 90 days after their last download. A file that was uploaded anonymously (that is not owned by any Megaupload user) will be deleted no sooner than 21 days after the last time it was downloaded.
No! It is good practice to always keep more than one backup of any file you cannot afford to lose. Although we are going to great lengths to ensure the long-term integrity and availability of your data, there is always a (very slim) chance of a loss - e.g. because of natural disasters affecting our data centers or someone reporting an acceptable use policy violation affecting your files or files appearing in their context. We take no responsibility for the long-term availability of your data!
If you'd like your file to be downloadable by everyone, make sure not to exceed the limit of 10GB. Larger files can only be downloaded by premium users.
All files that do not violate our terms of service or the laws of concerned countries. This means that files violating copyrights, or containing pornography, are forbidden and will be removed as soon as we notice. If you see such files on Megaupload, we would be glad if you notified us: Simply file an abuse report on our front page.
Sure! You can either open multiple upload windows or use the multi file uploader from the main page. For improved upload performance and comfort, we recommend using our toolbar or the Zoom Uploader instead of uploading from your web browser.
You will see it in the center of the page once your upload is completed. If you selected multiple files for uploading, you will receive multiple download links. If you upload files frequently, you may wish to sign up for your personal online storage account. It's free, and it allows you to comfortably manage your file portfolio in our innovative file manager.
Sure you can! If you enter your e-mail address when uploading a file, we will automatically e-mail you two links: a link to download the file, and your private delete link. If you have a free online storage account, you will be able to view and delete your files from within your personal file manager. If you uploaded a file without supplying your e-mail address and without being logged on, you cannot delete it.
Depending on your connectivity to our server network, your upload speed may be limited and slower than what you expect. You may wish to install our toolbar or our groundbreaking Zoom Uploader client software for improved upload speed and extended features such as the ability to resume interrupted uploads.